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in this Masterclass series we deep dive into the key pillars of Legacy's approach to creating balance & healthy relationships in your family business.

Join me for my free Masterclass 3.jpeg
Join me for my free Masterclass 3.jpeg

How to have Hard Conversations

This is a beautiful 60 minute deep dive into the complexities (& opportunities) of navigating difficult conversations in your family & business.

In this Masterclass, I will guide you in starting to connect to your own family's and family business's energetic structure and configuration.

I will also help you start to identify the places where things are feeling stuck or confusing.

During our time together you will learn helpful tools to start clearing the path forward through authentic connection & clear communication.



Healthy Energetic Boundaries

Do you feel completely exhausted after a long meeting, conversation or (worst of all) a dinner party?

Does it take several days to recover after large family event or holiday?

Have you felt like running away to a silent meditation retreat in an ashram all Eat Pray Love?

If so, this Masterclass is for you!

In this 60 minute Masterclass we explore what it really means to have Healthy Energetic Boundaries - and how reclaiming your own energy cancel all sorts of amazing changes in your life & in your business as a result! 

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Working wth Anne is truly transformational! Her sessions are so powerful and have helped m

How to Apologize (& Forgive)

Join me for this 60 minute exploration of why we replay don't "do" apologies in American business culture - and why learning to shift how we relate to apologies & forgiveness for ourselves and for our families & relationships can create more space, flow & freedom for everyone moving forward.

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