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Meet Anne


Hi! I'm Anne. I'm a certified coach and 6th generation family business owner.

Owning and operating a business with family or loved ones can feel like walking a tightrope. There’s so much pressure to make everyone happy – all while phrases like "It's not personal, it's just business" echo through the halls. Relationships can become strained, visions for the future can clash, and clarity can become obscured amidst change. 

I know exactly what it’s like to navigate these challenges. By combining my background in psychology, coaching & energy work, along with over 25 years of personal experience working for & running my own family's 6th Generation Family business, I am able to hold my clients through generational & business transitions in a way that no other Family Business specialist can.

I know that family businesses are as unique & diverse as the families who run them. But with my closely tended attention & unique guidance, we’ll root your business into the 3 Legacy Family Business Pillars –  Healthy Energetic Boundaries, Clear Communication, Historical Healing – and begin laying the foundation for a thriving family business for generations to come.

My own family business began in 1891 as a supply outpost on the Oregon & Santa Fe Trails intersecting in the History City Market of Kansas City, Missouri. Over the next 130+ years, the company evolved from retail stores to restaurant supply to airline supply, and diversified into additional industries including cattle ranches & citrus production.


Change in business is inevitable. Vital even. And navigating those changes (especially from one family generation to the next) can be so challenging. This is why I’m so devoted to walking alongside my clients and help them navigate these transitional periods with focus, connection & harmony moving forward.


Because what's more powerful than doing deep, meaningful work in the world with the ones we love most?

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