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Meet Anne


Hi! I'm Anne. I'm a certified coach & energy worker.


I help family businesses & business owners grow & evolve through healing the energetic lines that connect us to each other and to our work in the world. 

In a world that is built on a “it’s not personal, it’s just business” paradigm, I’m an impassioned advocate for taking a holistic view of our businesses and the relationships that are woven within them. 

I hold my clients, their relationships, their business, and their visions for the future in their full & complete entirety, and then we work to heal, clear & enliven the web of connections & communications between all of it. By infusing healing energy and healthy communication into our lives & relationships, we create a path forward that feels clear, true, & aligned for everyone involved.

I’ve done (and continue to do) this work in my own multi-generational family business to heal the connections with my family and it has changed everything in the most amazing & magical ways. 

I live in Kansas City where I also own & operate an airline supply company that has been in my family for 6 Generations. (Racket started out in 1891 supplying covered wagons traveling in the US and now supplies airlines flying all over the world.) 

I also love travel, couch cuddles with my family, and trips to the dog park with our sweet & sassy Great Dane.

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