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Working with Chosen Family

Over the last year, my husband and I have made a couple of really big changes in the staffing of our company. 


We're in the process of expanding our company's reach & services, so we hired two new people to help support that expansion. That part was pretty straightforward, actually. The “big” part of that process came with WHO we hired – because we hired two of our closest friends. 


Growing up in a family business, I'd heard the old “rules” of business for as long as I could remember. Things like “employees are not your friends,” and “don't want to mix business with pleasure.” So, when we found ourselves being guided clearly toward this unique opportunity, it really gave me pause. 

My God. What if this doesn't work out? I don't want to ruin our friendship!”


“How can I be a good boss and a good friend at the same time?”


And why did I think those two things needed to be mutually exclusive?


After some deep reflection, I started to realize that those old “rules” are really just trying to create boundaries (via separation) between the business & personal, between the employer & the employees. 


And I get that on some level. After all, boundaries are important.



But here's the thing -


I also know that healthy boundaries don't actually come from separation & arbitrary division. 


Healthy Boundaries come from getting really clear in your own energy & knowing, while ALSO being connected with those around us. 


Clarity is key. 

So, we had a lot of initial conversations & communication. We talked about what we each wanted out of this collaboration, as well as what we were concerned about. We got clear about everyone’s expectations and desires, as well as our worries and fears. And then from that place, we started to build a structure to support everyone in the most aligned & authentic way moving forward.

And we’re continuing a practice of checking in from time to time to review, reflect, and revise anything that might need to be tweaked.

It’s been a growing & learning process in all the ways. And our company’s energy is becoming more clear, grounded, & aligned every step of the way. 



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