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a circle of becoming


We've been told

that work needs to feel hard

that achieving your goals requires sacrifice

(of our sleep, of our energy, of ourselves)

that it's about getting up earlier, working harder, being more focused (or getting "smarter")

that it is just a matter of finding the right book, system, or organizational tool that will make juggling all of this easier

it's about slowing down

making space

getting clear


and aligning our energy and action on a cellular level

to what we want


it's about becoming

the one we've been waiting for

who we want to be

the most genuine, full & free version of ourselves


But really


If we

stop listening to the outside

the blanket advice

the "you should's"

the endless books & podcasts

the expectations that don't feel quite right

the traditions that no longer fit

and commit

I mean really commit


to listening on the inside


something opens up

a new path

a new way of being


your magic

starts coming in

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This 6-month program includes:


- One 60-minute 1:1 intention setting & energy activation call ($444 value)

- A customized daily practice, designed specifically for you ($222 value)

- Three 20-minute 1:1 remote energy attunements each month ($1998 value)

- Three 60-minute group coaching calls each month ($3996 value)

- Three 60-minute group co-working sessions each month ($1998 value)

- A dedicated group chat on Voxer ($1332 value)

- A community of amazing women who are ready to align their lives with their truest desires -- just like you! (Priceless!)

 Enrollment for Align is currently closed. 


Our Intentions

We're creating space for what our hearts truly desire.

We're giving ourselves permission to dream,

explore, expand, & play.

And we're practicing doing so unapologetically because we can trust ourselves & trust our hearts to lead the way forward.


Our Energy

When we allow our goals, dreams & desires to move from our head space into our hearts

& bodies, we become the living, breathing embodiment of what we want most in the world.

It is my deepest honor to hold you in this energetic alignment.


And I am devoted to loving you in every step along the way.


Our Actions

This, my loves, is where the real magic happens!

We will work to integrate our intentions & expanded energy into our actual lives.


You will build self-trust,

intuitive connection, and authentic alignment in all areas of your life.

It's time to align...

... and allow ourselves to be surprised and delighted.


I stepped into Align with a feeling intention. I knew how I wanted to feel on the other side. I knew I wanted to start creating again (though I had no idea what). I knew I wanted to start writing in a meaningful way. I knew I did not want to return to the corporate world. I knew I wasn’t physically ready to return to any sort of full time “job.” I knew I wanted to find a way to support myself that felt aligned with my integrity and my purpose. I knew, in that moment, I also had no idea what that looked like. 

Through my experience in the container of Align I received so much more than I asked for. I gained clarity around questions I wasn’t even aware I was questioning. I have created and maintained a small, online business which has grown in ways I would have been sure wasn’t possible. I started creating again, without having any idea what those creations were going to look like. I was supported to re-member my connection with my intuition, the innate sense of wisdom and knowing that I do now truly believe we all have access to. I have felt the sheer exuberance of bringing a creation into the world and watching it find its way home. I have seen the word “collective” become a real and tangible presence in my life. I have witnessed the web which connects us all light up from the inside out. I have even had profound moments where I have been able to witness my own place in it all.

- Lisa Cailler

“There have been so many accomplishments throughout my time working with Anne that honestly it's easy to forget! The milestones are already so ingrained, it's like they are a distant memory. 


Anne provided me with tools that I now use daily while instilling confidence to step forward with my business like never before. 


She helped to lay foundations, and gave me a permission slip to complete things in a manner that works best for me, despite looking different. 

She has no problem holding your feet to the fire in a way that's direct,

yet kind and full of love. Anne held me in incredibly powerful container that resulted in rapid transformation. I am forever grateful. Thank you Anne!"

- Jen Mantle


Hi, Love!

I'm Anne.

I'm a certified coach & energy worker.


I hold my clients, their relationships, their business, and their visions for the future in their full & complete entirety, and then we work to heal, clear & enliven the web of connections & communications between all of it.


By infusing healing energy and healthy communication into our lives & relationships, we create a path forward that feels clear, true, & aligned for everyone involved.

I’ve done (and continue to do) this work in my own life (and multi-generational family business) to heal the connections within myself & my family and it has changed everything in the most amazing & magical ways. 



When are the calls?

Group coaching calls are on Wednesdays 8-9am (Central)

Co-working/Co-planning calls are on Fridays 8-9am (Central)

Weekly energy attunements are scheduled individually

Do we have calls every week?

We meet every week for three weeks.

There are no calls on the fourth week of each month. This is an integration week -- time & space for rest, review & reflection before we move into the next month.

Where are the calls?

Coaching & Co-working calls are held on Zoom

Energy attunements are done remotely via Voxer

How do the energy attunements work?

At your scheduled time, you will sit quietly and listen to a pre-recorded guided mediation that I will provide to you. While you are in meditation, I will drop in and expand, align, reconfigure, & recalibrate your energy to your highest good. After the meditation has completed, I'll send you a message on Voxer to let you know that I've finished and share anything that may have come up. 

What if I miss a call?

Coaching calls will be recorded and I'll post the link to the replay in our Voxer group after the call.

Energy attunements can be rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance.



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