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It's not just a transition,
it's an evolution.

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Family Business Consulting & Connected Leadership

What if it didn't have to be personal OR business?

What if it can be both? Connected. Grounded. Interwoven. And thriving.

It's not only possible.

It's already happening.


Coaching & Energy Work

Are you ready to connect, heal, grow & expand in ways that you can't even imagine?


Or maybe you can imagine

but just aren't sure how?


I've got you, Love.


When we align our intentions, energy & actions, magic happens. 

Hi! I'm Anne. I'm a certified coach & energy worker.

I hold my clients, their relationships, their business, and their visions for the future in their full & complete entirety, and then we work to heal, clear & enliven the web of connections & communications between all of it. By infusing healing energy and healthy communication into our lives & relationships, we create a path forward that feels clear, true, & aligned for everyone involved.




"Working wth Anne is truly transformational!   Her sessions are so powerful and have helped me to live in true alignment.  There have been many times in our sessions where Anne is able to quickly tune in and she just understands what is needed to create shifts and open up space. I always feel that Anne is coming from a place of deep love and she provides the most healing support. She has an amazing ability to create a safe container for deep transformation in the sessions.     
But even more importantly, these energetic transformations have created amazing shifts in my everyday life. Anne has helped me to shift long-standing patterns and dynamics that hold me back.  I make time for myself, I feel more at ease, and feel truly connected to what it is that I want.  I highly recommend working with Anne, you won’t regret it!"

Dr. Erin Rosenblatt,

Clinical Psychologist & Energy Worker

"Anne is the most authentic person I know. When working with her 1:1 you know she is fully invested in you. 

As a highly intuitive and skilled coach and energy worker, Anne will work with you to quiet your busy mind, overcome personal drama, release any emotional baggage and free yourself from other people's negative energy.


She will help you discover the areas where you are out of alignment and suggest practices to bring your body, mind and soul back into balance. She will help you connect to your higher power so you can achieve balance and feel inner peace no matter what situation you are in."

Shawna Elston,

Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

"Anne may be the closest I’ve seen someone come to being the embodiment of unconditional love. From the very first moment I spoke with her, I felt hope stirring.


I still struggle to find words that feel big enough, expansive enough, to convey what a visceral experience this was.

One of the reasons I started working with Anne was because I had come to realize that I no longer knew how to feel any sort of positive emotion – love, joy, excitement. I realize now that I had stopped feeling much of anything.

 Anne gave that back to me. She helped me find my way back to myself."

Lisa Cailler,

Small Business Owner

"There have been so many accomplishments throughout my time working with Anne that honestly it's easy to forget!  The milestones are already so ingrained, it's like they are a distant memory. 


Anne provided me with tools that I now use daily while instilling confidence to step forward with my business like never before.  She helped to lay foundations, and gave me a permission slip to complete things in a manner that works best for me, despite looking different. 


She has no problem holding your feet to the fire in a way that's direct, yet kind and full of love.  Anne held me in an incredibly powerful container that resulted in rapid transformation.  I am forever grateful. Thank you Anne! "

Jen Mantle,

Life Coach & Reiki Master

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